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Designed, painted, cut and printed in house, this much requested special set is handcrafted just for you to help you document the incredible (in both hard and fantastic ways) journey that is going through fertility treatment. These also make a very special gift for someone you know who will soon be experiencing IVF.

Consisting of 13 discs, this set contains the following:
- Scan day
- Blood test
- Doctors appointment
- Medication collected
- Injection time
- Egg retrieval 
- Our embryos are growing!
- Embryo transfer
- The two week wait
- It's positive!
- It's negative
- Worth the wait
- Made with love & science

Product details:
- Acrylic arch shaped discs.
- UV printed text
- Flat colours and speckle are handpainted with waterbased acrylic paints and coated with clear acrylic. Please expect some discs & colours to feature a 'painted' effect, this is due to particular colours used.

Size details:
Each arch is 9.5cm tall and 11cm wide.

Care instructions:
Please do not allow your child to put this product in their mouths. While the paints are waterbased and coated, it is best to appear on the side of caution.
Store them in their bag when not in use.

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