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Your New Chapter

It's a truly magical moment when you bring your baby into the world. We want to make that time as memorable and comfortable as possible by stocking our boutique with eco-friendly postpartum products to help mothers with their post-birth recovery. Our carefully curated selection of items is incredibly well thought out for recovering mothers, designed to help them feel beautiful, strong and confident as they start this new chapter in their lives.

Our Bink silicone hydration-tracking water bottles are the perfect way for new mothers to keep up with their daily intake of H2O, which is so important during those first few months after birth. We also have reusable nursing pads that are made from organic cotton and designed to be incredibly absorbent.

Premium-Quality Lactation Mixes

We also carry a selection of lactation mix packets from local Australian brand, Made to Milk. These mixes include an easy-to-follow recipe along with the highest quality ingredients, making them simple to whip up in any kitchen! Explore a delicious range of flavours, including toffee caramel latte, hot chocolate, white choc and macadamia cookie and more.

To find out more about our products, please get in touch with Olive + August today. We also offer an extensive collection of skincare and bath products, announcement disks, dummies, blankets and much more.