Blossom and Pear.



Santa Claus is coming to town! For those of us without chimneys - we've got the perfect solution. Our Magic Keys have been designed to help Santa on his late night festive adventures.

Simply leave this key by your front door on Christmas Eve for Santa to come and put the presents under the tree. The best part? You can re-use it year after year! Burgundy velvet ribbon included.

Metal Key: 6cm
Wooden Key Holder: 10cm Diamater

Please note: Each key holder is hand-cut, therefore the wood grain and colour may vary from pictures shown. Variations may include light or dark coloured areas, knots and other inconsistencies that are present in all natural wood. 

By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge that these are handmade wood pieces and may contain unique imperfections in the wood and laser work due to the natural nature of the product. This is not considered a fault, but rather a reflection of the unique natural beauty of the raw materials used.