Forget me not.



With a strong focus on functionality, this mama notebook will immediately become your go-to. Both stationery-lovers and the everyday note-taker will appreciate its unique features:

• Hybrid of ‘Bullet Journal’ style (dot grid) and dot-lined pages;
• Gold foil 'mama' embossed on the front cover
• Perforated (pages can be removed tidily without ripping);
• 120 creamy ivory pages in 100 GSM FSC Certified paper; and
• Hidden pocket in back, and optional elastic to secure notebook closed.

This vegan leather notebook is simply the one we’ve always wanted to use. With a hybrid of dot grid (Bullet Journal style) pages, alternating with the signature dotted lines, it is the perfect canvas (the best of both worlds). Dot Grid provides flexibility for custom spreads, budget trackers, graphs and more, while lined pages make for easy note-taking, lists and journaling.

This alternating pattern adds an extra layer of versatility and adaptability to the notebook – you can easily switch between different styles of layouts within the same notebook. This allows you to tailor your note-taking, journaling, or creative work to the specific requirements of each task or project.

For the ultimate in useability and convenience, our easy-tear micro-perforated pages make it effortless to remove pages cleanly and neatly.

Whether you’re tearing out notes on the go, filing pages in other folders, writing a shopping list, or simply removing pages with mistakes, perforated pages enable you to detach them with ease and leave a clean canvas behind.

A hidden pocket in the back is perfect for storing notes, receipts or a couple of business cards on the go, while the elastic closure on the back is optional, but perfect to keep the contents of the notebook secured.

The smooth, creamy pages are as good for the environment as they are to write on, with FSC (sustainable forestry) Certified paper in 100 gsm – thick enough to be bleed-proof.