Same loved bear, but improved softer fabric.

MOONIE the humming bear is a professional baby sleep aid, helping babies fall asleep easier. 

Featuring 5 different sounds and 5 different light settings the MOONIE Bear can be used straight away from birth.

PLUS the best thing ever, a built-in 'cry' feature, meaning if crying sounds are detected the bear will automatically activate. No need to quickly run over to turn it on! 

The 'Humming' consists of natural pink noise taken from calming nature sounds. Choose from;

  • Womb
  • Wind
  • Forest Stream
  • Sea Waves
  • Rain
    The MOONIE'S soothing sounds filter out surrounding sounds and ensures children have a calm and peaceful sleep. MOONIE comes with an adjustable volume module so you can choose the appropriate volume level to suit your child’s needs.

    MOONIE also has calming lullaby composed on a Kalimba, specifically curated for newborns. Pair your chosen hum with one of the 5 different light settings (white or coloured) to complete the dream sleep aid combo. Then leave (following safe sleep guidelines) the bear near your sleeping babe and let the intelligent cry sensor activate when needed.

    MOONIE Bear always mutes itself after 30 minutes and automatically goes into a 3 hour standby mode (based on average baby sleep patterns and to conserve battery life). Your babies crying will trigger the last selected hum for another 30 minutes, then the cycle repeats. The Smart Cry Detector can also be turned on directly without playing the noise.

    Gentle light allows you to feed and change your baby without turning on the overhead light. When your baby starts crying, the lamp turns on with the hum, it illuminates and soothes the baby.

    The LED lamp does not heat up, it is completely safe. The lamp of the humming MOONIE bear is also great for older children who often have nightmares and are afraid of the dark.

    The disc is chargeable via USB cable and takes 3 hours to charge with an 8 hour battery life. 

    MOONIE is the only humming toy that doesn’t require the purchase of batteries. The module comes already charged and can be used right out of the box. MOONIE wanted to make sure that the toy was as environmentally friendly as possible so have made the bear battery-free. 

    Machine washable. Suitable from birth. Made in-house in Poland.

    Complies with safety standards and made of certified materials. Thinking about future of our planet and new generations, MOONIE have put a lot of effort to reduce carbon footprints of their products, thus the special toys are made of certified organic cotton and each toy’s filling comes from recycled materials.